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Terms of Service and Polices

The use of WhoGoHost's products and services are governed by a Fair Use Policy, stated here, which covers the fair use of our different hosting packages (i.e shared hosting, hosting reseller and wordpress hosting plans etc) bundled with limited or unlimited resources like disk space, data transfer/bandwidth, email accounts, databases and/or other resources, etc both in Nigeria and globally.

These plans are affordable because it allows many different customers to make use of the same underlying server and it will be unfair to disturb other users on the same server with your activities as it does of course have its limits.

Using any of these hosting plans under this policy primarily for online file storage (like Google Drive, Microsoft Onedrive, Dropbox etc), electronic files archiving, video or audio streaming (like Youtube etc) is prohibited. You can store the files on third party online storage sites and embed the links on your website. It is safe and legal under applicable law to upload files only directly linked to, related to and displayed on your website.

This policy provides customers with unlimited resources as they wish to use without any additional charge as their site visitors increases. Customers may use this features for any purpose as they like other than those unacceptable as stated in the Acceptable Use Policy and must stay within reasonable standards of fair use. If your site is poorly optimised, continually gets hacked or is causing issues for others on the shared servers (i.e excessive CPU, RAM, inodes or disk I/O usage, email storage per account), you will receive a notice warning upon reaching the threshold of the set limit. Usage beyond this limit may require an upgrade to a higher plan, virtual or cloud server in order not to affect other customers.

Should WhoGoHost deem a customer's account as exceeding fair use of bandwidth or other resources which causes interference with other users on our servers, WhoGoHost will notify the customer and allow the customer to rectify the problem. However, should a customers' resource usage be significantly greater than fair use, WhoGoHost reserves the right to suspend or terminate the customers account where appropriate. WhoGoHost will discuss the available options that could provide better service for the customer.

As a shared, reseller and wordpress hosting customer you share the total server resources such as disk space, bandwidth and other resources with other customers. In order to ensure fast & reliable service to you and all of our clients, any hosting account (i.e shared hosting, hosting reseller and wordpress hosting etc) that adversely affects the server or network performance on our shared servers must correct these issues or will be asked to upgrade to a virtual or cloud server in order not to affect other clients.

This is good news and it means your site is getting popular and you've outgrown the capabilities of shared hosting, having greater control over the software stack and being able to assign more resources to your site means you'll be able to continue to provide a great experience to your customers/visitors as your business grows.

WhoGoHost reserves the right to add or modify the terms presented here. On this website, the terms bandwidth and data transfer are used interchangeably.